Help Bernie Sanders Win By Helping This Unique Project! Every Presidential Applicant Says They're The Best Choice- However Just One Of Them Stands Out To Me

2017-12-15 08:15:44

Assist Bernie Sanders win by helping this unique project!

Every presidential applicant says they're the best choice, however only one of them stands out to me. My name is Jchon (pronounced 'Shawn', Google Jchon for further information) and I'm speaking about Bernie Sanders. He has an incredible message and also a clear statement: America IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE.
I wanted to help his marketing campaign the best way I could, and since I have a custom car shop in The state of michigan, I am combining my passion intended for vehicles and politics into a single task. That is how this IndieGoGo marketing campaign started. Turning heads is the best way to get the interest, and with that in your mind, I acquired a stunning 1969 FireBird.

I'm presently restoring this incredible car from scratch, and my group is creating astounding decals that support the Bernie Sanders strategy. I need as many donations as possible to produce the ultimate Bernie Sanders campaign automobile. People will know that Sanders is certainly the best, final opportunity that America has to find redemption and achieve the results we always wanted to have got.
The primary objective for the IndieGoGo campaign would be to help cover the costs for the customization process and speed up the build. I want the resistance to Feel the Burn, and I furthermore want to get to as many Bernie Sanders primaries as possible. This build furthermore features a trailer which will make the entire advertising even better and simpler to see.

Letís face it, Bernie Sanders needs all the support he can get. With the help, he can easily acquire some amazing results. But , we have to stand together. My campaign is produced particularly to help Bernie attain his genuine potential. I want to share the message to as many people as possible, and am need your help.
This astonishing project requires a lot of work, yet I am also doing it for charitable purposes. Once the election campaign has ended, this car and its trailer will be donated to the city of Flint, Michigan, to ensure that they can obtain support to deal with their water Crisis.

If you need Bernie Sanders to be president as well as want to support a good trigger, all of while being able to adhere to details of the tour throughout the country, join us right now. Support this incredible IndieGoGo campaign and make this dream a real possibility. Help Bernie Sanders win the particular elections by making a donation nowadays!
Please check more information about our own campaign at website Contact: Jchon Perkins, 69 Firebird Revolution Fb: website YouTube: 69firebirdRevolution Twitter: 69FireBirdRevo Email: 69FirebirdRevolution@gmail. com Jchon's real job: website (517-339-1769) Web site: web site VIDEO: website Social Media: website website website Bernie Sanders win simply by supporting this unique project

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